Auditions for Love’s Labour’s Lost

Auditions for the Wichita Shakespeare Company’s June production of “Love’s Labour’s Lost” will be held Saturday March 29th from 2 to 5 pm and Monday March 31st from 7-9 pm. Auditions will be at University Friends Church 1840 W University Ave in Wichita. Roles are available for 9 Men and 7 Women ages 12-80 years old (One role MOTH could be cast with a young boy or girl). For additional questions, contact director Michael Webber at 316-239-7100 or by email at


The Lovers

FERDINAND – age 18-50 – King of Navarre, he creates the group devoted to learning and turning away from the vices of women, overeating, alcohol, etc. He is dashing, strong, and a natural leader.

BIRON – age 18-50 – A renowned womanizer, he agrees to join Ferdinand and turn his back on vice. He is attractive, witty, and rebellious.

LONGAVILLE – age 18-50 – A notorious lover of “food,” he agrees to join Ferdinand and turn his back on vice. He is large, innocent, and a little slower than his fellows.

DUMAIN – age 18-50 – A true lover of “drink,” he agrees to join Ferdinand and turn his back on vice. He is unconventional, wild, and more pessimistic than his fellows.

PRINCESS – age 18-50 – Princess of France, she is sent to Navarre on business for her father. She is beautiful, head-strong, and royal.

ROSALINE – age 18-50 – Known for her quick tongue, she was led on by BIRON at a dance once. She is attractive, witty, and willful.

MARIA – age 18-50 – She is larger than her friends but is by far the sweetest. She is loyal, honest, and supportive.

KATHARINE – age 18-50 – She is wilder than her friends and prone to mild depression. She is forward, dark, and unexpected.

The Clowns

SIR ANTHONY DULL – age 30-80 – A loyal servant of King FERDINAND, he is good-natured but lives up to his name.

COSTARD – age 20-60 – A country guy, he is unlearned and full of spunk. He also doesn’t think before he speaks.

ARMADO – age 20-50 – A Spainard, he does not speak or understand English very well. He is earnest and madly in love with JAQUENETTA.

MOTH – age 12-25 – He (or she) is ARMADO’s servant. He is young but quick and full of wit.

BOYET- age 20-80 – He is the PRINCESS’s servant. He is flamoyant and prissy.

SIR NATHANIEL – age 40-80 – He is the local reverend. He shares a love for absinthe with HOLOFERNESS.

MADAME HOLOFERNESS – age 40-80 – She is the local schoolmaster. She is critical, haughty and addicted to absinthe.

JAQUENETTA – age 20-60 – A country wench, she’s just a girl who can’t say no.

MERCADE – age 18-80 – A servant of the King of France who arrives bearing sad news.

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Announcing Our 2014 Season

Wichita Shakespeare Company is proud to announce our 2014 season. Dates and locations have yet to be confirmed, but these are what we’re trying to achieve!


June 2014 – Loves Labors Lost, directed by Michael Webber

June 6 – TBA
June 7 – TBA
June 8 – TBA
June 13 – TBA
June 14 – TBA
June 15 – TBA
June 20 – TBA
June 21 – TBA
June 22 – TBA

September 2014 – King John, directed by Dan Schuster

Sept 5 – TBA
Sept 6 – TBA
Sept 7 – TBA
Sept 12 – TBA
Sept 13 – TBA
Sept 14 – TBA
Sept 19 – TBA
Sept 20 – TBA
Sept 21 – TBA


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