Wichita Shakespeare Company Presents Twelfth Night

Wichita Shakespeare Company presents Twelfth Night, presented in parks around Wichita and the surrounding communities. All shows at 7 pm.

Friday, June 2nd-Riverside Park, Wichita
Saturday, June 3rd-College Hill Park, Wichita
Sunday, June 4th-Riggs Park, Haysville
Friday, June 9th-College Hill Park, Wichita
Saturday, June 10th-Andover Sports Park, Andover
Sunday, June 11th-Goddard Park, Goddard
Friday, June 16th-Riverside Park, Wichita
Saturday, June 17th-College Hill Park, Wichita
Sunday, June 18th-Hand Park, Derby

Orsino, Duke of Illyria – John Sommerhauser
Valentine, attendant to the Duke – Natalie Borger
Servant to Orsino – Stephanie Brean
Captain – Mark Schuster
Viola, later disguised as Cesario – Jessie Marafioti
Sebastian, brother to Viola – Mark Schuster
Antonia, another captain, friend to Sebastian – Jillian Clough
Priest – Stephanie Brean
Olivia, a countess, living in Illyria – Cynthia Atchison
Lady to Olivia – Heidi Tobin
Sir Toby Belch, Olivia’s Uncle – David Downs
Maria, Olivia’s Lady in Waiting – Crystal Meek
Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Sir Toby’s Friend – Garrett Jeter
Feste, a Clown – Careth Eaton
Malvolio, Steward to Olivia – Dan Schuster
Fabian, a member of Olivia’s Household – Katie Roach
Officer – Heidi Tobin