Announcing auditions for Wichita Shakespeare Company’s Henry V

Dates: Saturday, April 22nd, 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM and Monday, April 24th, 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Location: University Friends Church, 1840 W University St – enter from the west door.

Never been in a Shakespeare play? Never been in any play? There is a part for you!

Don’t want many lines? Don’t want any lines? Wanna just be in the background and battle scenes? There is a part for you!

Wanna do fight choreography? There is a part for you!

Best actor ever of all time? There is a part for you!

Come audition! Character descriptions are shown below.

Also looking for a fight choreographer. Message me if interested.

Please message Abri Geist-Dennis if you have any questions.

Character descriptions:

*Will definitely have fight choreography

**May or may not have fight choreography depending on the actor.

King Henry, Exeter, Dauphin Louis, and King Charles won’t have fight choreography

King Henry (491 lines, 10 scenes): King of England, sincere, wants the best for his people, to do what’s right, and follow God. Preferably a male actor.

Pistol* (126 lines, 9 scenes) : A commoner who joins the war, married to Nell Quickly, friend of Nim and Bardolph, semi-comic relief but is very arrogant, a thief, and kind of a jerk, has battle scenes with Nim, Bardolph, and a French soldier. Preferably a male actor.

Fluellen** (119 lines, 7 scenes): The Welsh captain, friends with Gower.

Exeter (88 lines 10 scenes): Henry’s uncle (or aunt) and adviser, carries messages to the French king

Boy (or Girl)* (84 lines, 10 scenes): Pistol’s servant, thinks little of Pistol and friends, does the chorus prologue and epilogue. Has 6 lines in French.

Dauphin ““ Louis, prince of France (82 lines, 6 scenes): French prince, arrogant, mocking, overconfident, a bit petulant and childish.

Canterbury/Governer/Soldier** (76 lines, 9 scenes): A wealthy and powerful clergyman, assures Henry war is supported by God.

Michael Williams** (66 lines, 6 scenes): Williams argues with Henry when he doesn’t realize he’s the king.

Constable of France** (62 lines, 8 scenes): A French military leader, mocks the English with the Dauphin, also mocks the Dauphin.

King Charles of France (51 lines, 2 scenes): King of France, appears to be the only Frenchman worried about the English invasion

Nell Quickly, Montjoy** (47 lines, 9 scenes): Nell is married to Pistol, an ex of Nim, Montjoy is the French herald. Needs to be a female actress.

Nim, Duke of York* (41 lines, 9 scenes): Nim is a friend of Pistol and Bardolph, a thief, ex of Nell, is hanged in the middle, becomes York who dies in battle with Suffolk. Preferably a female actress.

Bardolph, Duke of Suffolk* (24 lines, 9 scenes): Bardolph is a friend and peace-keeper of Pistol and Nim, a thief, is hanged in the middle of the play, becomes Suffolk who dies in battle with York. Preferably a male actor.

First Ambassador, Messenger** (22 lines, 8 scenes): Ambassador and messenger for France.

Orleans** (22 lines, 8 scenes): Duke Duchess of France, mocks the English with the Dauphin.

John Bates, Herald** (18 lines, 5 scenes): Bates argues with Henry when he doesn’t realize he’s the king, has one line as the English herald.

Westmoreland** (16 lines, 11 scenes): Adviser to Henry and one of the military leaders.

Gower** (14 lines, 6 scenes) P: Army captain, friend of Fluellen

Erpingham** (6 lines, 12 scenes): described as older (white hair), used to be Henry’s commander.

Monsieur le Fer* (6 lines, 6 scenes): A French soldier, fights with Pistol and becomes a POW who is killed. Lines are in French.

Rambures** (5 lines, 8 scenes): Duke Duchess of France, mocks the English with the Dauphin.

Warwick** (4 lines, 10 scenes): Advisor to Henry and one of the military leaders.

Depending on actor turnout and willingness, there could also be parts for those who don’t want lines but would like to do fight choreography and be part of the battle.